Our Product Groups

Egg Export

Since 1992 we have exported to many countries in egg production and export. In this process, we are following our producers meticulously from the first production stage of egg to reach the last consumer to export.

Our chickens fed with feeds produced entirely using plant proteins are grown under the control of Veterinary 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the policy of "Healthy Foods From Farm to Table"

Egg groups that we export are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 document quality systems. And all the eggs produced are presented to the market.

Our eggs; the main markets of our eggs which are found in the market with their own brands are the hotels and export markets.

Coop Equipment

Coop Equipment
Cages (coops)
Chicken Breeding Cages
SuperEgg Egg Cages
Enrichable - Enriched Cage Systems
Chick Growing Cages
Coop Automation
Egg Packaging
Viol Stacker
Egg Coding Machine
Egg Packing Machine
Egg Sorting Machine

Animal Feeding Products

Animal Feeding Products
In the unit consisting of two parts as poultry and ruminant, poultry group meets the need of layer hen farms in Konya region And the Ruminant group meets the feed additive needs of cattle and sheep farms in Central Anatolia. Product groups,
* Mineral Blends
* Amino acids
* Enzymes
* Natural Growth Factors
* Toxin Binders
* Salmonella Preventers
* By-Pass Oil
* Calf Feed
* Organic Minerals

Daily Chick

Daily Chick
The 1-day-old brood chics descend in the coops and are grown until the 26th week. The grown brood chicks' eggs are collected until the 66th week. The eggs collected are sent to the hatchery for chick production.

Broiler Chick

Cages (coops)
Broiler chick production in various races, and exports

Raw Material Silos

We are the institutional partner of companies that produce among the leading brands of the world in cereal storage technologies ...

Pulp Group

Sale and export of soybean pulp, sunflower pulp, cotton pulp (powder), cotton pulp (leaf), cornstalks, canola pulp, semi fat soybean pulp, fat soybean pulp.

Broiler Chicken Equipment

We sell all equipment necessary for quality, productive and hygienic chicken production, installation of parts, spare parts support is given by our company.